Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice blasting, or cryogenic cleaning is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to solvents and chemicals, pressure washing and abrasive blasting such as with sand, bead, grit or water. The frozen form of carbon dioxide, known as dry ice or cardice is used as the blast media.

The main advantages of dry ice blasting over other methods of cleaning is that it is chemical free, moisture free and produces no secondary waste. Cleaning can be done in situ reducing the need to dismantle and greatly reducing down time. It also sanitizes killing e-coli, salmonella and lysteria and inhibits bacterial re-growth.

Dry ice blasting is often referred to as the ‘green clean’ as it uses no chemicals whatsoever.  Therefore it has no negative effect on the environment.

Dry Ice Cleaning is a clean and safe method of cleaning and has been approved by: 

    • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
    • FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
    • UDSA (US Department of Agriculture)
    • FSA (Food Standards Agency)