COVID-19 Sanitising & Disinfecting

Our first point of contact with you is to visit the site and understand your needs. We then provide a fully specified quotation. 

Our services include internal and external disinfecting.

Our pricing is transparent and upon agreement our fully trained staff, who are screen tested before commencing work each day, will sanitise and disinfect your premises utilising electrostatic application systems to ensure proper surface disinfection. 

  • Electrostatic spraying technology brings new, 360-degree, touchless disinfection and sanitising.
  • Attacks microbes and decontaminates facilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
  • Reduce infection rates through more proactive and comprehensive disinfection procedures.

We offer three levels of disinfection:

- Non-critical areas:  General disinfection for cleaned non-critical areas. e.g. offices, hallways, walls, floors, bathrooms and toilet facilities, food handling surfaces, trolleys etc

- Critical Disinfection: e.g. Surgical treatment areas, operating theatres, post mortom rooms.

- Contaminated Surface disinfection: e.g. Disinfection of dirty surfaces potentially contaminated with blood and/or other body fluid spillages.

Our services are suited for every type of environment.