Welcome to Premier ICM

Premier Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance was established after our core staff had spent 20years supplying its customers with cleaning equipment and materials. With a vast knowledge of hygiene chemicals, machinery and standards the obvious last piece of the puzzle was to apply our expertise to the end result.


Customer support

We offer our customers excellent value for their money not just in cleaning but also in support & after sales service. Our objective is to continuously improve and enhance our cleaning methods without compromising our safety standards.


Contact Us

Premier Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd.
Co Limerick.

 Mobile:  087 2481840

e-mail:  info@premier-icm.ie

Innovative Equipment

We monitor the latest research and development ensuring that Premier ICM is at the forefront of industrial cleaning using the latest and best equipment available. All our staff are trained professionals who know how to get the best results from the different machines they use.